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Shaving Vs. Waxing

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Most women are confused which one to opt for. While waxing is considered to be better, you must keep in mind your skin type, hair texture and hair growth before making a decision. If you have sensitive skin, use a razor, as waxing may aggravate the rashes. If you have normal skin, go in for a wax.

Shaving advantages

• Is pain-free and quick.
• You can do it yourself.
• With the launch of electronic shavers and epilators, you don’t have to depend on the traditional razor anymore.
• Is cheaper than waxing.
• Works best when you don’t have enough time to visit a salon.

Waxing advantages

• Removes hair from the roots, which results in hair free skin for weeks.
• Leaves your skin soft.
• Lasts longer than shaving.
• It’s a natural way to remove unwanted hair, as wax is herbal.
• Add ingredients like chocolate and fruits to the wax to ensure that your skin stays healthy. These are natural and won’t irritate your skin. Eventually reduces hair growth.

Shaving Disadvantages

• Can irritate your skin and leave it dry and itchy.
• Is a temporary solution as compared to waxing.

Waxing Disadvantages

• Skin may develop rashes, redness and boils if it is sensitive.
• If your hair growth is too fine, waxing won’t help. It works best on full-grown hair.
• Is extremely time consuming.
• You need to keep the hygiene factor in mind while getting it done in a salon. Many salons still use the traditional method — removing hair with cloth strips instead of the use-and-throw wax strips.


• Moisturise your skin after you’ve used a razor.
• Use a disposable razor. Even if you repeat it, don’t use it more than twice.


• Make sure that the salon uses disposable waxing strips.
• Apply a cooling pad or ice on your skin after waxing. This will soothe it.