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5 Fitness and Health Apps

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The popularity of smartphone apps has soared over the years. Apps are now utilised for a wide array of purposes including but not limited to banking, gaming, social networking and even fitness. Most of us have set some sort of health or fitness related resolution but as the months go on it can become increasingly harder to stick to your New Year resolutions. This is where fitness and health apps come in. Some of the apps listed below can motivate you to not just workout but also become more conscious about what you consume.

– Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal is a free app (with in app purchases) that helps you monitor your calorie intake. Not only does it track the calorie count of your daily diet but also boasts the largest food database on any calorie counter app.

– Endomondo – Another free app (with in app purchases) tracks your fitness by synching with your GPS. Additionally, it allows you to maintain a training log that can be used to analyse your performance. It also allows you to create a personalised training plan and get audio feedback on your fitness routine.

– Google Fit – This popular Google app tracks any activity whether it’s walking, running or cycling by synching with your phone or Android watch. The best feature about this free app is its real-time updates that provide insights about your runs, walks and rides. It also allows you to set goals and get personalised fitness recommendations.

– Ingress is a free, augmented reality app that stands out among other in health and fitness category. It involves moving around outdoors where you must roam around and ‘hack portals’. It also allows users to take on missions and complete fun scavenger hunts. As it is requires users to get out of the house, it’s considered an effective motivator for those looking to get into shape.

– RunKeeper is another fitness app that focuses on being a performance tracker for runners out there. You have the benefit of creating running routes, tracking your performance and creating fitness plans. Additionally, you can also incorporate various other hardware like heart rate monitors with this to help evaluate your progress.