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7 Ways to Sneak in a Workout at Your Office

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You are sitting at your desk in your office, feeling yourself pile on the pounds. Here are a couple of things that you can do exercise at your desk without anybody noticing.

Stretch. Take advantage of those moments when you get up to go to the photocopier or to a meeting and slowly stretch. Tilt your head towards your shoulder, hold for ten seconds, then repeat. Loosen your shoulders by rolling them forwards and backwards.

Flex that foot. Stand on one foot, with your legs straight and flex your foot around the ankle, rolling your foot clockwise and counter clockwise.

Tone your legs. The copier is perfect for this. Lift a leg backwards or to the side, keeping it straight and slowly lower it. Bend your knee, and swing your leg backwards and forwards for 30 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

Strengthen your abs. Keep your feet flat on the floor, sit tall, tighten your abdominal muscles and extend a leg upwards till it is level with your hip. Hold for 10 seconds, slowly lower your leg and repeat with the other leg.

Move those wrists. Limber your wrists up by stretching your hands out and using your other hand to pull your fingers down for 3 seconds.

Squats. Its always good to sneak in a couple of squats when nobody is looking. Better yet, make as if you are going to sit down, hold for 10 seconds an inch above the chair and stand back up.

Jump rope without a rope. Lightly hop on both feet, or on alternating feet.