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8 Things To Remember When You Go Running

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Via Dr Brian Cook /

Trying to lose some weight? Running is a great way to do just that, but are you doing it right? Here are a few things to remember when you dust the running shoes off.  

  • Warm up. Running is a big strain on the body so make sure that you warm yourself up before you start running. Your muscles need to be prepared for the work out, so make sure that you take care of your body in order to perform at maximum efficiency.
  • Drink up. It is important, when you run that you stay hydrated. Do not ever go out for a run in the Sri Lankan heat without a bottle of water, otherwise you will just end up dehydrating yourself. Take care of yourself.
  • Push yourself but don’t go too far. Put yourself whole heartedly into running, otherwise you are going to be that person, halfway off the track moaning that they can’t do it. Challenge yourself but also recognise that you have limits just like all humans do, especially if your body hurts.
  • If you feel any pain, stop. You don’t know if this pain will get aggravated the longer you run, especially if it is coming from your joints. If your muscles are just sore, its alright to move on but look out for a faster than normal heartbeat or any light headedness.
  • Its okay to pause, especially if you have just started running. It will get easier as you go along and your body gets more comfortable with moving quickly. You are training your body to run and this will take some time. Go at your own pace and do not compromise your form.
  • Try to avoid chatting. It distracts you from what you are doing and also affects your breathing. It also affects the people around you who are trying to concentrate on running but inadvertently end up listening to your conversation.
  • Watch where you spit. You never know where your saliva will end up as you are running, especially if there are people around you. Keep a watchful eye on where you are aiming your fluid before actually doing so.
  • You are you so don’t compare yourself to other people who are running nearby. All that matters that you are putting in effort to build yourself a stronger body.