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Common Workout Mistakes

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If you are exercising regularly but not seeing the results, you may be making one of these mistakes.

The gym slouch: leaning on the equipment or holding on like their lives depended on it is bad for the back. The slouch stops your spine from getting adequate support, which can be avoided by standing straight.

Gripping the handlebars: when you hold on to the equipment, not only do you slouch but you do not move your arms, which contributes to a higher heart rate and burning more calories. If you are uncomfortable letting go, loosen your grip, and only have your fingers rest lightly on the handle bars. This will keep you safe while allowing you to stand straight and exercise correctly.

Weights on the machine: Carrying weights while walking will not add strength training as it makes you lean forward and stresses the ankles, shins, and quads. Do not mix the two workouts.

Reading while on the machine: Catching up on your reading might look a good idea, but it won’t help your workout. If you must read, take a break every 3 minutes and focus on the workout for 4 minutes.

Only doing cardio: because we begin to lose muscle at 30, only doing cardiovascular exercises is not enough. Strength training is important to build muscles that allow higher metabolism and faster burning of calories.