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Fitness APPS for a healthier you

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One of the coolest and most effective things about living in the digital age is that there’s an app for practically everything. If you are a fitness freak or just want to start getting in better shape, here are a list of some excellent apps you can download to your smartphone to help you on your way:

  1. Sworkit – better known as Simply Work It. It lets you choose the type of workout you want from strength to cardio to yoga or stretching and also the amount of time you want to spend. It then shows you a workout and takes you through the exercises, giving you an estimate of calories burned at the end. Get it for Apple iOS or Android.
  2. Strava Cycling and Running – This app uses GPS to track your runs and bike rides telling you your speed, altitude gains and if you’re actually improving. It’s also a social app, allowing you to gauge your fitness levels against friends and other using the same app. Get it for Apple iOS or Android.
  3. C25K- 5 K Runner Trainer – Short for Couch-to-5k, this app delivers. It gets you off your couch potato mode and into shape within two months, promising a 5k weight loss as well. It’s an 8-week plan that begins gradually and takes you to peak levels by the end. Get it for Apple iOs or Android.
  4. LIFT Session – With this app in hand, you can train anywhere in the world with a live trainer who creates custom workout plans for you. The trainer and app will then monitor you by live video while you exercise. Get it for Apple iPad.