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How To Create The Right Yoga Space

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The rising popularity of yoga is mainly due to the fact that it can be done basically anywhere. Most amateur yoga enthusiasts start out with yoga at yoga studios. However, the increase of yoga bloggers and easy YouTube tutorials mean that you can now do yoga from the comfort of your own home.

Practising yoga at home boils down to three important things: A routine that works for you, the right yoga space and time. With the help of DVDs and online classes you can establish a routine that fits you. Find a time that fits you, make it consistent and develop a schedule that works for you. Creating a dedicated space for yoga does not have to be an expensive or difficult process.

First, find an area or room that is quiet and relaxing. It can be hard to concentrate and stay centred in a spot that’s noisy or cluttered. If you are unable to find a room you can even designate a part of your living room with the help of folding screens. A flat surface and some natural light is all you need.

Eliminate the need to leave your yoga space by keeping your props close by. A yoga mat, a towel, a bolster, a set of blocks, a pillow, a water bottle and a strap are recommended.

Once you’ve sorted out your ‘yoga essentials’, you can decorate your space to help motivate yourself. Get creative with the decor! Some candles, floor lamps or string lights can create soft lighting. Incense and essentials oils can also help create a soothing environment.

Having no extra space does not necessarily mean that you cannot practise yoga so even if your living space is small, you can still do some yoga breathing or Pranayama which is revitalizing as Asanas.