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5 things to remember before you start working out

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Christmas is coming! And with Christmas, comes food along with the freedom to enjoy it. It is on the 26th of December, when you stare at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how 24 hours could have lent so much weight that you firmly make the decision to shed those pounds. Lucky for you, we are here to back you up.  Here is what you need to remember to tone up this year. 

·      It is not all about the calories. Focusing on the calories that you lose per workout does not affect your overall weight loss. Remember, diet change accounts for 85% of weight loss. Your body knows what is happening and how much is being lost, not your calorie count.

·      Spot reducing does not work. Your exercise regime usually consists more of compound movements (eg: squats, deadlifts) than isolation exercises.

·      Sports drinks are a no-no: Forget what the ads tell you. You don’t need that bottle of Gatorade, so put it down. If you are trying to get rid of the fat in your body, trust us, sugary energy drinks are the road that must not be taken.

·      Exercise before, not after work: If you find yourself in the post-work slump and can’t bear to even pick up your gym shoes, just gym earlier in the day. The endorphins from your early morning workout will make you happier and bouncier without the short term high of caffeine.

·      The longer you work out, the more you burn is a myth. The secret to weight loss is having a short, intense workout with short intervals, which leads to burning more fat throughout the day. Also, a short workout doesn’t really give you an excuse to skip it for the day. Something is always better than nothing.