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Why Yoga Is Not Just A Fad

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While most yoga classes look like they are attended by a majority of flexible, well bodied people, it’s not just a fad for already healthy and sporty people. It hones your mental focus, helps rid your system of toxins and could even help boost your performance in the bedroom! So before you throw yoga out the door as some passing fad, take a look at these core benefits to your body, mind and soul:

  1. Yoga relieves stress

Going to a gum or punching a punching bag can make you tired and even aggressive unlike yoga that employs a number of relaxation techniques which are designed to make you calmer over a period of time.

  1. It makes you Flexible

Yoga asanas or postures are designed to include spinal twists that loosen the many joints along your spine, making your more flexible and even improve your ability to play a sport.

  1. Yoga Sculpts Muscles

Unlike at a gym where you use weights, yoga is designed to make you use your own body weight to help sculpt muscles in a series of extended push ups, squats and leg lifts.

  1. Prevent Injuries

A good yoga class will begin with a reminder to honour your body and it’s particular needs. The ability to assess yourself is a good practice and will help reduce instances of injury when you take up other sports.

  1. You smell better!

Yoga is very much about waste and toxin removal from your body. Exhaling and sweating during yoga help you to rhythmically remove all the bad bits from your system and have you smelling and feeling better after a good workout.