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4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Salad

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Christmas is coming up and we all need to lose a bit of weight for the upcoming eat-athon. This includes the omnipresent change in diet and one of the best ways to do that is with a nice, clean salad. Salads are in essence a bit boring though, but here are ways to spruce them up.

Add Some Texture 

Avoid a mess of greens and add some crunch to your salad. Be it a sprinkling of chopped cadju or some whole roasted peanuts, giving your salad a little boost with some Magnesium easily adds to your five a day. 

Fill up with grain 

Its hard to break away from rice with our diet. Brown or red rice has more nutrients and fiber than its lighter sibling, so add half a cup of it to your salad and give yourself your daily carbohydrates.

Chop some flavour

Herbs smell nice and they don’t taste bad either. Chop some mint and add it your salad, or add a pinch of parsley. You can always add a pinch of cumin which goes quite well mixed with a few squeezes of lime. You have got yourself some flavour in your salad bowl. 

Pack up with protein

Give your salad a protein kick by grilling some chicken and chopping it up into bite size pieces to add to your salad. Alternatively, if you aren’t a meat eater, a bit of boiled egg or tofu is an excellent source of protein.