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7 Reasons to Include Pulses in Your Diet

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Pulses are found in almost every Sri Lankan household but only few are aware of its many health benefits. With the United Nations declaring 2016 ‘The International Year of Pulses’, this super food is gaining popularity around the rest of the world too. Some popular Sri Lankan pulses include Kawpi, Mun Eta, Kadala and dhal.

Below are 7 reasons to include this super food in your daily diet.

  • Lentils are known to contain double the protein per serving of Quinoa making pulses an excellent source of protein for vegetarians and those who are looking to cut back on meat.
  • Pulses boast a multitude of nutrients especially antioxidants, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium and B vitamins.
  • Weight watchers should also opt for pulses as they have a high dietary fibre content that fills them up quickly.
  • Pulses are also known to contain four times more fibre than brown rice so they also help with digestion.
  • These super foods are free of sodium, cholesterol and gluten so they can deter the development of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Dried pulses are quite inexpensive and readily available making it not just healthier alternative for animal protein but also a cheaper one.
  • Pulses are incredibly versatile. While most people prepare lentils as a soup or a curry-style accompaniment to rice, pulses can also be used in main dishes and even deserts!

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