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The goodness of leaves

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One thing is for certain us Sri Lankans love our rice and curry that is inclusive of several vegetables and a ‘mallum’. However most of us still avoid the serving of green leaves in our lunch and thereby miss important vitamins that nourish our bodies.

This has become a staple in our diet. The medicinal benefit of Mukunuwenna is much higher than those in vegetables. It is really good for sicknesses related to the digestive system such as purging disorder and even skin related ailments.

A delicious salad to add to your afternoon lunch, it is said that Gotukola increases your life span. The whole of the gotukola is good for you as it helps with blood circulation, skin diseases and to improve your memory.

Referred to as Spinach in English, this is perhaps the most internationally popular kind of edible leaves. Its nutrients include vitamin c, vitamin e and iron. However it is advised that you attempt cook it less as possible, as cooking destroys its natural vitamins.

Common amongst households, Kathurumurunga is a local favourite. Nearly all parts of this plant is very good for you, especially its flowers. Constipation and burning sensation in the body can be controlled by eating these leaves regularly. The leaves can be added to your kirihodi as well.

Referred to as water spinach, Kankun is used as a salad and can be made as a delicious stir fry. Filled with the goodness of calcium, iron and vitamin d, Kankun can easily be reared in your own garden.