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Unhealthy Frozen Foods

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Freezing extras can be a great time saver especially, for those who do not have the time to cook nutritious meals every day. The cold air keeps food fresh by slowing down bacterial activity. However, there are a few food items that you should avoid freezing because of the impact they could have on your health.

Pizza is a popular food choice because it’s delicious, however it’s hardly a healthy option. As pizza is generally pre-cooked the chances of it containing unhealthy additives and preservatives is high. Even if the pizza does have healthy vegetables, freezing and then re-heating it would remove any nutritious properties.

Cheeseburgers not only contain high levels of fat and sodium but are also very low in dietary fibre making it a poor meal choice.

French fries are full of salt, carbohydrates and fat. This high calorie meal is even worse when frozen because it tends to clog arteries and thereby increasing the risk of heart disease.

Frozen Calzones are on the top of the list of unhealthy meals because it contains a wide variety of ingredients. In order to preserve this array of elements, lots of preservatives are added to the meal.

Chicken Nuggets contain lots of trans-fats and the inclusion of preservatives and salt only makes it worse.

Super markets are full of similar frozen food items that are supposed to make our lives easier. However, most of these conveniently pre-packaged meals are full of trans-fats, sodium and harmful preservatives. It’s advisable to make it a practise to read the labels and understand what goes in the food that you are purchasing.