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What So Great About Ginger Tea?

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The benefits of ginger tea are numerous because here in Sri Lanka, tea is a great part of our lives. Most of us cannot imagine a day without a good cup of tea. Tea in Sri Lanka has served as a pick me up and as in the case of ginger tea, even serves as a remedy when we are sick. Ginger tea is synonymous with colds and our childhood.


Combat that terrible cold with a cup of ginger tea. Sip it while it’s warm and feel the liquid soothing your clogged up nose.


If you’re feeling a little nauseous, a cup of lukewarm light ginger tea will help fix that. For instant relief, use honey instead of sugar to sweeten the tea.

Stress relief

Studies show that ginger tea has calming properties. Therefore a warm cup of it will lower your stress and tension levels.

Immunity booster

Due to the high level of antioxidants, ginger is considered to strengthen your immunity. Substitute a cup of coffee with a cup of ginger tea in your daily diet.

How to make ginger tea?

• Brew your plain tea, strain and pour in to a cup.

• Add the desired amount of sugar, stir and set the tea aside.

• Take a ½ inch piece of ginger; pound it lightly using a pestle and mortar.

• Add the ginger pulp in to the tea cup.

• Cover the tea cup with a saucer and let the ginger brew in the tea for half a minute.

• Drink while it’s warm.