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A Balanced Diet for Women

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Nutritional requirements differ vastly for men and women so it is important that women know what exactly a balanced diet entails.Generally, women require slightly less nutrients than men with the exceptions being salt and fibre.Additionally, dietary requirements also change depending on your age and activity levels so you need to pay attention to your portions. Portion sizes too differ from individual to individual as detailed below:

  • Carbs – Your clenched fist
  • Proteins – Your Palm
  • Savouries – 2 of your cupped hands
  • Baked Goods – 2 of your fingers
  • Butter & spreads – The tip of your thumb

A healthy and balanced breakfast goes a long way in helping maintain a healthy weight for both men and women. A protein rich breakfast is highly recommended for women so start your day with some scrambled eggs, some salmon/lean ham or beans. The key is to eat little and often so add a nourishing morning snack to your five-a-day meal plan. Some oatcakes with peanut butter and a banana or some veggie sticks make a yummy and healthy snack!

Avoid the post-lunch slump with some high fibre wholegrain for your mid-day meal. A whole grain sandwich with some salmon or baked beans make a perfect high energy lunch that’ll keep you powered through the day. Satisfy that sweet tooth with some dried fruits and nuts for your mid-afternoon snack.

End the day on a high note with a colourful array of fresh vegetables, meat/fish and brown rice/wholemeal pasta for dinner.

Avoid red meat, high fat dairy food and ensure that your five-a-day is balanced to lead a healthy and more fulfilling life.