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A Guide To Proper Gym Etiquette

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Gym memberships aren’t a cheap investment so it’s only reasonable for gym goers to expect to work out in a comfortable environment. However, your favourite gym can often become an unpleasant experience due to rude and inconsiderate people are everywhere. Don’t let this bring you down.

Here’s how you can make the gym a better place for you and everyone else.

– Familiarise yourself with the gym policies and guidelines. During your initial induction meeting with the instructor/gym coordinator make inquiries and educate yourself on the dos and don’ts of the facility.

– Most gyms require you to return any weights that you use back to its rightful place. However, people often fail to follow this rule and tend to leave the weights and other equipment strewn about. Not only is this practise rude, it can also be dangerous for others who are sharing the space.

– Gyms can sometimes be a breeding ground for infectious diseases and germs. To prevent this facilities often have hand sanitizers and disinfectant sprays conveniently placed within the gym. While it’s only natural to sweat while working out, it’s important to wipe clean benches and any equipment that you use with a washcloth both before and after your workout.

– It’s impossible not to sweat while working out but remember that deodorants and clean clothes can go a long way. It’s also advisable to steer clear of especially strong perfumes and colognes that can soon become suffocating for those around you.

– Monopolizing cardio equipment or weight machines is another practise to avoid sharing a gym space. If someone else is interested in using the machine, it is only polite to share it and let them ‘work in a set’ with you.

Staying off your phone, giving people their personal space, adhering to the gym’s clothing guidelines and being courteous in general will ensure that the gym experience is great not just for you but everybody else too!