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Aqua Yoga for Back Pain

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So you might be wondering, can this gentle and low-impact exercise really help with your lower back pain? The answer is yes!

The Benefits of Aquatic Exercises

In fact, when researchers investigated the effects of aquatic strength training on health and fitness of postmenopausal women, they discovered significant physiological benefits. Of great importance to those with back pain, findings showed that aquatic resistance exercises may provide more benefits to individuals who would be more sensitive to heavier loading or impact which may occur when training on dry land with certain devices and exercises.

Buoyancy and resistance make water an ideal environment for:
• Improving flexibility
• Decreasing risk of injury and chronic low back pain
• Reducing stiffness
• Improving muscle balance and postural awareness
• Enhancing joint health and decreasing likelihood of degenerative joint disease

What is Stretch Fusion?

Stretch Fusion is a workout format that combines dynamic movement with yoga based exercises. Individual poses are paired with active movement to maintain your body temperature as you complete the routine. This unique approach to flexibility utilizes the water’s magical properties, buoyancy and resistance, to achieve better results. Not only will you be more flexible but you can reduce stress, increase self-esteem and help free yourself from joint and muscle pain.

Some Pointers

If you are suffering from back pain here are a few important reminders:

Relax: move in a range that feels good.
Progress slowly: your success relies on you moving in ways that the body does not associate pain. So remember to always move in a range that feels good.
Be patient: although results can be immediate, building strength may take 6 weeks or longer.

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