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Being Positive – A Healthy Perspective

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Being positive sounds like a mantra taken out of a handbook of a motivational speaker. It is advice easier given than actually applied to your life because in adverse circumstances it is hard to remain positive. Seeing the glass half full as opposed to half empty is a large part of your emotional wellbeing. It is therefore important to at least consider it in detail.

The world is constantly changing, and society is not what it used to be a century ago. No matter who we are or where we are from, each and every one of us have issues in our life that will cause us stress and prompt us to think negatively. However, research has indicated that the main causes of pessimism are challenges related to work, money and relationships.

A method to help you curb your harsh approach to things is to understand how they occur in the first place. Imagine that you were walking in a forest and you were suddenly faced with a blood thirsty tiger. Your first instinct is to run away from the tiger, during your escape you will entirely focus on getting away from the tiger. Your brain will not be distracted with any other thought. This is the same when you start to think and react negatively to a situation.

When you are on that adverse track you will not consider an alternative solution such as nearby shelter or a stick to defend yourself with. Similarly you end up shutting off the world and limiting your options when you have difficulties. Studies have indicated that when you look at the silver lining you are more open to experience healthy emotions such as joy, contentment and even love. But the most important question is how can we be positive?

Positivity is a mind game, therefore instinctively you may already know how to get motivated. For instance, talking to that one friend who will always put you in a good mood and make you think clearly, or when you listen to an inspiring speech. However, if there is no such method you can rely on or your thinking is harmful beyond usual repair consider remedies such as:

Mediation – studies shows that people who meditate tend to think more positively than those who don’t. Their minds have been trained to take careful reactions to off – putting situations.

Writing – write your thoughts down. Take as long as you want and write whatever you want and throw the content out. You have literally thrown out your negative thoughts.

Schedule fun – you probably will not be in the mood to put your dancing shoes on, but if it isn’t dancing, do anything else that will take your mind away from your situation and provide you with a fresh perspective.