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Body Odour – How to Reduce it

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Body odour is a very sensitive and embarrassing issue. Excessive odour can easily cause a lot of discomfort to those around you and even invoke some people to be offensive towards you. But body odour, especially in a humid country like Sri Lanka is a common phenomenon. It is however important that you take precautionary measures to control it.

Regular showers
The tropical weather is no friend to body odour. Sweat itself is odourless, but when it intermingles with the natural bacteria that is on your skin then an odour is inevitable. Shower at least twice a day and keep your body refreshed and clean.

Wash your clothes often
Clothes are expensive and most of us are very careful as to how we use them. Washing clothes does wear it out. But it is important that you wash clothes after you have worn it. Change your socks often and ensure you wash your undergarments every day.

Use deodorant
One of the main reasons for body odour in Sri Lanka is the lack of deodorant usage. Deodorants can be purchased freely from any super market. After a shower, do dry yourself and apply the deodorant under your arms. Do use it at least twice a day, especially before you go for a workout.

Watch your food intake
Studies have indicated that spicy food makes you sweat more, and might be a cause for body odour. Aromas of garlic and onion can be carried in the sweat and make you smell bad. Alcohol and coffee are also known to cause sweating. Limiting its intake might be wiser.

Towel dry yourself thoroughly
After you shower it is necessary that you dry yourself completely with a towel, especially the areas you sweat the most. When your skin is dry its harder for bacteria that cause body odour to breed on it.