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Fashion that is bad for your health

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Fashion can be incredibly fun but often it can quite detrimental to your health. Women are often willing to go to great lengths to stay ‘on trend’. But more often than not, looking fashionable comes at a cost to your health. We have identified below five fashion practises that are potentially damaging to your body.

Skinny jeans can compress nerves in your lower body and restrict blood flow to your legs as well as your groin area. This in turn can cause muscle damage, swelling as well as numbness in lower body. If you are a fan of this trend, opt for skinny jeans that are stretchy and avoid wearing them for prolonged periods of time.

‘Killer heels’ are aptly named and pose a serious threat to your health. High heels push your body’s weight forward and put pressure to the balls of your feet. Not only do they alter the position of your spine but they also lead to an imbalance in your ankle muscle. Take caution by switching to lower heels or flats. If you absolutely must wear heels, use comfortable shoes like sneakers for walking and then switch to heels once you reach your destination.

Big bags are another fashion statement that can be harmful to your health. Women tend to carry over-sized, heavy bags on one shoulder causing uneven weight distribution which lead to muscle imbalance as well as alignment issues. You may also experience lower, back, neck and shoulder pains regularly. Cleaning out your bags regularly and switching shoulders are recommended.

Flip Flops like heels can be detrimental if worn for longer periods of time. This is because they don’t provide adequate support to your arch and heel. Flip flops also leave your feet open and exposed to bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause infections if you have any open wounds.

Body shapewear like corsets and Spanx can squish your organs and trigger stomach pain/acid reflux. These restrictive clothing can be painful, cause breathing difficulties and could damage your ribs.

While it is great to look beautiful, you should try your best not to compromise your health for the sake of fashion!