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Five Bedtime Rituals To Help You Sleep Better!

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A large number of young people struggle with insomnia nowadays. Lack of sleep can often be detrimental to your health as trouble falling and staying asleep can set you up for chronic fatigue, mood and memory issues, reduced metabolism and may even affect the functioning of your immune system. Although sleep is considered a physiological process, you do have some amount of control over it.

 This means that there are a few things that you can adopt as routines to get the rest that your body and mind needs.

– Dimming the lights an hour or so before your bedtime can help set the mood for your body and mind to wind down.

– Exposure to bright electric light can prevent you from falling asleep. This is why health specialists often urge you to avoid taking any devices to bed. Make sure to power off all electric devices like your mobile phone and laptop when it’s closer to your bedtime.

– Taking a bath before you call it a night can help your body relax. The cooler you are the more likely you are to fall asleep. On the other hand, wrapping yourself up in blankets can make you feel warm which in turn will make you feel restless.

– It’s also advisable to finish off dinner no less than three hours before your bedtime. This often gives you enough time to digest your food. In the off chance that you do feel hungry again, grab a small snack that don’t contain added sugar, caffeine or is spicy.

– Listening to some soothing music, reading or meditating can help relax your body and mind which in turn will help you doze off.

Adopting a few of these night time rituals costs you nothing however, getting a full night’s sleep can be incredibly beneficial to your health. So stop tossing and turning all night and start sleeping soundly!