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Fun exercising that help you lose weight and boost energy

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Laziness and lack of motivation are often quoted as the reason for not exercising. It is important to pick the right exercise for you, one that you’ll enjoy and stick too.

Here are a few fun workout options that you’ll actually enjoy:

Hula hooping is known to burn an astounding 600 calories per hour. However, this fun workout can also be physically taxing. Beginners are advised to start off with a weighted hoop which is easier to work with and then move on to lighter hoops. The best part about this exercise is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Cardio kickboxing is a combo of traditional kickboxing, fast paced movement and upbeat music. Not only is this a high intensity workout but it’s also can be super empowering.

Jumping rope is not just for kids! This budget-friendly workout is not just fun but also burns loads of calories.

Step up your workout regime with some hip-hop dancing! A fast paced, choreographed routine is a great way to let your hair down while burning those calories.

Dance enthusiasts will love Zumba, a highly popular fitness regime that will help you burn some calories while having fun.

Love the outdoors? Biking is an excellent way to revitalise the body and mind for the outdoor enthusiast in you.

Swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise.  You can always make it a little more interesting with a game of water polo.

Exercising can often feel like an obligation so try to switch up the routine every now and then to have fun while shedding that extra weight!