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Home Remedies for a Bad Cold

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 The weather of late has been very supportive towards the flu. Isn’t at least one person at your office down with a cold? If you are unfortunately that one person check if you have considered any one of these remedies to help you battle that clogged up nose.

Ginger Tea

A cup of hot tea brewed with a teaspoon of chopped ginger aids to sooth that sickly feeling. Sip it while it’s hot for the magic to work.

Chicken Soup

This might be more of a western remedy, but it works well here as well. A hot bowl of chicken soup provides you with the necessary nourishment you need.

Steam Inhalation

Add a teaspoon of vapour rub to a basin of hot water. Veil yourself with a towel, hover over the basin and inhale its steam.  Keep a stack of tissues nearby!

Kothmalli Concoction

Kothmalli as it is, is very helpful. But instead add a small piece of venivel and some chopped ginger to the concoction and let it brew.

Salt Water Gargle

It is difficult to avoid a sore throat when you have a cold. Add two teaspoons of salt to a cup of warm water and rinse your throat. Do this at least twice a day.