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How to Deal With Exhaustion At Work

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Exhaustion is common, especially if you work over time on a regular basis. Being sleep deprived, lack of exercise and lack of nutritional food are a few reasons to feel weary. However, being exhausted at work can be detrimental for your performance. Here are few remedies that will help you deal with exhaustion at work.

Keep yourself hydrated – do not resort to fizzy drinks for hydration. It will only give you an instant rush and then burn you out further. Stick to water.

Warm beverage –sip a warm cup of milk tea. Refrain from drinking coffee as it is an instant stimulant and therefore you will be obliged to drink it frequently.

Catnap – if you can. Sleeping at work is a no-no, but collapsing at work isn’t a good thing either. If you have an understanding boss ask him/her to give you 15 minutes of rest time.

A stroll – around the vicinity. A very short casual walk helps to relax your wearied body and the sunshine tends to help you revive yourself.

Eat adequately – don’t skip meals at this point as that will make you more exhausted. Eat adequately but do not over eat. Keep a couple of healthy snacks around you as well.