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How to Lose Weight

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As we get older, it has become hard to lose that excess baggage we have on our bones. Catering to the rat race, our fast paced lifestyle contributes to weight gain and thereby risks our health. These following suggestions are tailor made to help achieve a healthier life style.

Curb your appetite

When we are ravenously hungry, we tend to over eat. While the severity of the hunger pangs is serious and food must satisfy its call, eat smart. Before you sit to consume, do drink a tall glass of water. This will help prevent some unnecessary over eating.

A cup of Tea

Studies indicate that green tea rich with antioxidants helps with weight loss. It is a more enriching alternative than a cup of coffee. Therefore after a day of heavy eating, refresh yourself with a warm cup of green tea.


It has been proven that a typical desk job adds to your pudginess: sitting nearly eight hours in one position increases the fat deposit in your stomach area. As a result no matter how busy you are it is vital that you must allocate one hour per day to exercise.

Refuse and lose

There are times when a little bit of sugar becomes a necessity, say in a cup of tea or coffee. But constantly indulging in sweets is considered to be one of the main reasons for weight gain. Discipline yourself to skip dessert whenever you can or indulge only when it is a delicacy.

Snack right

Nibbles are an important part of our food schedule. Unfortunately we tend to pick the wrong kinds of snacks. Refrain from eating potato chips, pastries, or consuming fizzy drinking. Substitute junk food with carrot sticks, fruit, juice and crackers.