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How to Spot a Heart Attack

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If you or anyone else you know is experiencing a heart attack, they are likely to be feeling:

  • Chest Pain- This is a central crushing, band like chest pain. This pain can then move to the shoulder, arms and jaw along with palpitations.  Women can present similarly, but this occurs less often than men. They may have what is called a “silent heart attack” which has a different site of pain. 
  • Arm Pain- A shooting pain that can move up and down either one of both shoulders, chest and jaw. Men are more likely to describe it as “the worst pain ever.” 
  • General Un- Wellness/ Lethargic – These signs are more likely to present in women. They are also more likely to feel uneasy, sweaty and be in some form of anxiety state. 
  • Pain sites- women are more likely to report pain the middle or upper back, neck or jaw are more likely to experience shortness of breath along with nausea and vomiting, lethargy and palpitations. 

If you or anybody else you know is experiencing these symptoms, please call 110 or 1990 if in Colombo immediately to get emergency help.