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How to Treat Head Lice

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Common amongst school going children from the ages of 5-13, head lice is a problem in most households! Sadly it does not matter if you have a clean scalp or a dirty one, lice will live anywhere. One thing you must understand is that lice can only be transferred only if there has been hair to hair contact.

To get rid of a serious infestation of lice these are few steps that you can take.

Oil your scalp well and run a fine comb through your hair.
The lice find the hair too slippery to hold on too because of the oil. Thus it is easier for you to comb them out of your hair.

Use anti lice shampoo
As instructed by the pharmacist or doctor, use a medicated shampoo. This will provide relief to your inflamed scalp as well.

Warm water laundry
It is important that you wash all the bed sheets, pillow cases and clothing in warm water. This is to prevent reinfection.

Home remedies

• Olive oil

o Apply olive oil all over your scalp, keep it over night by wearing a shower cap. The olive oil suffocates the lice ventilation. Don’t forget to run a fine comb through your hair.

• Vinegar

o Dilute two tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl of water and apply it to your scalp. Wait for about ten minutes and then wash it off with shampoo.