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How to Unwind

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Work can be very stressful. It is common to find it difficult to calm down when you’re charged up. However it is important to your health to unwind and relax whenever necessary. These are a few tips that will help you just do exactly that!

Scribble and discard – if something is bothering you constantly, write it all down. Do not read your writings, after you are done just toss it out.

Breathe – inhale deeply, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale slowly. Do this at least ten times.

Tune out – if you’re stressed out about something, lean back, tune out and stare at the ceiling for a few minutes.

Stretch – one of the many useful lessons cats teach us is this. Stretching is a valuable form of relaxation, therefore you must stretch whenever you need to loosen up.

Warm drink – a warm a cup of tea or coffee is known to be a good method of relaxation. They have the right antioxidants to help you relax instantly!