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Is Sitting at Your Office Desk Hurting Your Back?

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You Should Listen to Your Mom when She Tells You to Sit up Straight

Little do we realize how much time we spend sitting down on a daily basis. At our office desk, our daily commute, at lunch, at home watching TV or playing video games and even when relaxing we take a seated position. We get caught up in our daily routine slouched over our keyboards, thumping away, like I am doing right now writing this article.

Leaning over our desk and slouching have become comfortable sitting positions for most of us that we don’t even think about it when we lean over our desks or slide down a chair at a meeting. There is a slight discomfort around the lower back area, but that’s not so bad. Right? You might want to reconsider that.

Sitting in a slouched position puts immense pressure on your spine and can lead to severe back pain. I have to confess that I lean over my desk, slouching, with my arms resting on my desk as I use the keyboard. Look at the chart below to understand how much of a strain you are putting on your spine in the different seating positions. 

Here is a simple way to correct your posture while at your desk.