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Little habits that help your health

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Our extremely urbanised lifestyle leaves us without any time to consider our wellbeing. More than often, many of us can be found working endless hours for days on end and thus it becomes habitual that we neglect our bodies and tire our minds. We have made a list of habits that you can easily incorporate in to your hectic lifestyle to ensure your welfare.

Water Reminder

Weekdays are hectic. If you are at one of those jobs that require you to be on the move constantly you probably forget to attend to a lot of essentials. Set a reminder on your phone to remind you on an hourly basis to have a drink of water.

Brisk Walk

If you have a job that requires you to be a behind a desktop for at least 8 hours a day, you are probably having severe back pains. No matter how busy you are take a break every two hours and put a brisk walk around the vicinity and stretch your body.

Sneak a fruit

Have you ever heard of the Apple a day phrase? Fruits have the right vitamins that are good for you. Sneak fruit in to your lunch box and consider it dessert without resorting to something sugary. Or you can even have an apple or orange as a mid-morning snack.

A healthy substitute

Snacking is an inevitable part of our lives and it is not always good to ignore those sudden pangs of hunger as well. However without resorting to can of potato chips, stick to a cup of tea with a few kurrakkan or karapincha crackers.

Manage your equipment

If you dedicate many hours looking at a computer screen, it is best to reduce its brightness. The glare of the screen is known to strain your pupils and make you tired. Do not stare at the computer for hours and also place your desktop on a slightly elevated field to avoid straining your neck.