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Skin Care – The Basics

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It is important to take care of your skin as well as you can. Here are a few tips from girls who recommend homemade remedies for healthier skin.

• Cucumber Slices
Place two cucumber slices on each of your eyelids before you go to sleep. The naturally cooling nutrients of cucumber soothe your tired eyes and reduce the dark circles under your eyes.

• Water
Unlike the rest of your body, the skin on your face is very sensitive. Be concerned about the type of face cleansing products you use. Water is the best source of cleaning.

• Sandalwood Powder and Rose Water
Add the powder to some rose water and create a thick paste. Apply it to your face, leave for twenty minutes and wash it off with water carefully.

• Milk Cleanser
Dab a cotton pad on the surface of boiling milk, let it cool for a few minutes and then carefully clean your face. The milk removes all impurities from your face.

Always remember to remove make up – this is skin care 101. Sleeping with your makeup on is unhealthy for your skin. It clogs pores and causes unnecessary breakouts.