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We have all been there – Days when making it through seems like a chore and days when all you want to do is stay in bed. Fatigue can not only make it hard for you to concentrate on your day-to-day tasks but can also affect your work productivity. The good news is that you can still work around this and to keep your energy high throughout the day.

Listed below are a few tips to boost your energy –

– Start your day with a shower that will not just hydrate your skin but also refresh your body and mind.

– Regular exercise stimulates your body and thereby, gives you a much needed energy boost that will set the pace for the rest of your day. Generally, a 10 minute power walk can keep you revved up for up to two hours.

– Nothing replenishes energy like drinking plenty of water. If you rely on coffee or caffeinated drinks to energize you, simply switch to water and notice the difference. Dehydration can sometimes be the cause of your fatigue so listen to your body and stay hydrated.

– What you consume affects your energy levels so it’s important to eat healthy. Avoid food that contains high levels of carbs and sugar because these only make you more lethargic. Boost your energy with some high protein snack or an energy-rich snack like a banana.

– Laugh out loud. Laughter improves your blood flow, boosts your immune system and can kick of your lethargy unlike anything else!

You have more control over your energy levels than you think. The key to staying vigorous throughout the day is managing your energy levels carefully.