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The Myths about Eggs

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Eggs have been considered unhealthy for a long time especially, due to the cholesterol content. However, recent studies have revealed that this may not be entirely true.

Listed below are a few debunked myths about eggs that could give you an idea about moderating your egg intake.

– Cholesterol is an important part of our diet because it is essential for the production of various hormones. Generally, the liver would produce this required cholesterol so consumption of cholesterol is not entirely necessary. But likewise, if we do up our cholesterol intake the liver will adjust its cholesterol production accordingly.

– We are often cautioned about eating more than 3 eggs per week. But the truth is that a healthy individual can eat between 1 to 2 eggs per day.

– Another myth is that eggs are difficult to digest but this is untrue! A freshly prepared egg will not be particularly hard to digest. However, it is true that soft boiled eggs are easier to digest than hard boiled ones.

– The myth that if eggs have a bright yellow yolk they are somehow healthier is another legend that has no scientific basis whatsoever. The colour of the egg yolk is dependent on the carotene content so the higher the carotene content, the brighter the yolk. Farmers are often known to add carotene to hen’s food to brighten the colour of the egg yolks.

Eggs are one of the best natural sources of protein on the market. Not only are they are affordable but they are also super versatile making it easy to prepare them. Hard boiled for salads, sunny side-up and omelette mixed together veggies are just a few ways to add eggs to your daily diet!