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Unhealthy Habits That are Hard to Break

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Everyone has some kind of personal habit/s, some of which are stranger than most. The list below includes very common habits that we are certain you or someone you know maybe finding hard to let go of.


Smoking is an extremely bad habit that is detrimental not only to your health but to those around you. It is also the most difficult habit to break out of especially if you are stress smoker. Taking a decisive step to stop smoking such as decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke per day would be a start.

Nail biting

A terrible habit that you yourself have cultivated from a young age, nail biting may not always be dangerous but it is definitely an annoying one. There are some tricks to break this bad habit. For one, try keeping your nails short so that biting loses its appeal.

Snacking late at night

Snacking after dinner is a common habit, but studies show that late-night eating is tied to both weight gain and sleep deprivation. If you cannot control your craving, consider snacking on healthy food such as veggies.

Cracking your knuckles

For many people, cracking joints is simply a feel-good tendency. Cracking joints is relieving because the act “causes small air bubbles that form between the sacs in the joints to pop”. Instead of cracking your knuckles, however, try stretching or massaging the joints in your fingers to relieve tension and stress.

Skipping Breakfast

It is a common habit to skip breakfast in the morning. Some people rush in the morning and simply don’t make the time to assemble breakfast, while others skip breakfast to avoid the calories. Studies suggest, however, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and is healthy for the brain and the body. According to the Huffington Post, breakfast improves focus and performance and helps jump start your metabolism, making it more efficient for burning calories throughout the day.