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Yoga for the Soul

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If one was looking for yoga classes in Colombo it is without doubt that they would find at least half a dozen of them. For the past half-decade yoga has taken the city with a storm and its popularity grows day by day.

The first thing I was taught at my very first yoga class was that the art of yoga does not recognise neither age nor weight. It is a practise that can be done by any one at any point in their life, one does not need to be skinny or youthful to do any of the Asanas.

“Have you seen some of those Asanas? Who can stand on their head? I find it tough bending down and touching my toes sometimes. Let alone stand on my head” was indeed my protest. But in time what I considered was impossible to do became easier with practise. This was its process.


Physically, yoga at first seems all about flexibility but it is in fact about strengthening your muscles. Which is why to reach each asana there is a step by step process that helps build our muscles. More importantly, yoga is also a mental game. It is important to have an agile mind and liberal view on its practise.

“Fear is what makes yoga difficult for people” – Lesson number two. At first glance the Asanas itself look daunting and intimidates the beginner. Often as new practitioners we are afraid of hurting our bodies and thus our perseverance is curbed. Therefore perfecting an asana would take a much longer time than anticipated if your mind is not willing to give it a chance.

Asana 2

The benefits of yoga are numerous. It will relax and strengthen your body simultaneously while indulging your mind with the necessary tranquillity it requires. It also improves you respiratory system and provides for a well-balanced life.