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Your Sugar Intake This Season

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Let’s face it. Tis the season to eat, eat and EAT! It is indeed the month of indulgence. Studies have indicated that December is the month of weight gain. It is easy to consume without any guilt until of course you find that your clothes are too tight or worse you have developed a serious health related issue.

How can you enjoy the season and watch your sugar intake?

Stop eating everything
Everyone from everywhere will be offering you goodies, from Christmas cake to Yule log to EVERYTHING and it is all full of sugar. Pick only your favourite sweet and indulge only in that.

Plan your intake
If you know that you have a rich food filled party or dinner that day, avoid consuming any puddings or desserts during the day. Save it for the best.

Use less sugar as possible
This is a special message to all you dessert makers. More than often it is unnecessary to use the stipulated amount of sugar in the recipe. Feel free to lessen it as and when necessary.

Green Tea
If you have eaten a lot of sugary food and you are feeling a little bit guilty and icky. Sip a cup of warm green tea. It is a good way to detox your system.

Work off what you eat. December is hands down the busiest month of the year and no matter how time strained you are include some form of exercise in your day.