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5 Healthy Snacks to avoid the big meals

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Running out the door and don;t have the time to make something? Or are you just trying to cut back on how much you are eating and have started watching your waistline? Here are 5 quick things that you can either assemble or just grab as you leave your house. Happy eating! 

1. Brown Bread Sandwiches :
Grab brown bread from your local supermarket, add some fresh veggies and take it with you to work to avoid going all out on a big lunch.

2. Yoghurt

Grab one of these before work in the morning to give yourself a quick boost.

3. Biscuits

Always keep a pack of biscuits handy at your desk, or in the car. Small snacks like these will help you from feeling hungry, and might help avoid issues such as gastritis in the long run.

4. Fresh Fruits

Be creative with your favourite fruits, and make a quick snack with the ones you like the best. Watermelon, Banana, Guava are readily available at local supermarkets, so start the habit now.

5. Cereal

There are a number of cereals available at all local outlets, so make sure to keep some with you in the morning for a great mid-morning snack.