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Activities You Can Do Every Day for a Healthier Lifestyle

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Gym-oholics are everywhere! Celebrating their passion, WhatsApp has even dedicated status “at the gym”. It isn’t a bad thing, regular exercise is fundamental for the body. However to those who aren’t fitness freaks and prefer alternative activities, this list is for you. Enjoy!


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Cycling has become a very popular pastime in the city of Colombo and for good reason too. It is a fun way to get about and provides the necessary exercise you need. In addition it’s an eco-friendly method of transportation.


Water is known to be therapeutic. If you’re a person who is capable of executing a couple of lengths, make time to plunge in to the pool. Swim your worries away or if you’re tired just float in the water, it will sooth your stressed mind and body.



Spend some time in the kitchen to make a delicious meal for yourself because there is nothing like Homemade food. Furthermore most home cooks testify that cooking or baking works up a kitchen sweat that is equivalent to a workout.


Another pastime that has become extremely popular over time is Yoga. Yoga is known to relax your muscles and build strength in your body. It is also a really fun way to exercise and is best practised with a friend.


If you’re all about the outdoors we can’t think of anything better for you than a good jog or brisk walk in the park. Get the right shoes, partner up or invest in a music player and start your rounds immediately.


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