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How to Deal With Anxiety

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It is normal for you to be nervous or anxious before an interview or an exam, but stressing out for every tiny worry is bad for your emotional health. These are a few tips to help you deal with anxiety and protect your mental health.

Distract yourself – if something is really agitating you and a solution is beyond your control. Curb the stress by watching a movie or listen to some music.

Allocate a worry period – if your worries are getting the best of you, give yourself a worry period and not anything more. Fret over whatever it is only during this time and not after.

Warm beverage – tea and coffee have the right toxins to calm and comfort you. Have a warm cup of either one of these beverages and relax.

Sleep on it – this remedy is best if you have flying jitters or if you are a person who keeps incessantly pondering about problems. It’s best to take a nap on it.

Pump it out – stressing on things continuously is mentally unhealthy. Utilise your energy to stress and go for a solid work out. Wear out your excess energy.