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How To Deal With Jet Lag?

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The holiday season is coming up and we are certain that many of your relatives will be pouring out of the Bandaranaike International Airport and making their way to your homes. Doubtlessly, you will have at least one jet lagged relation to attend too. As a result we have made this list to help you help your family member cope with the aftermath of their plane ride.

Stay hydrated
Try to avoid consuming alcohol while on the plane. Drink water before and during the plane ride to evade the possibility of being dehydrated and jet lagged simultaneously. Even after you have landed ensure to keep drinking water every hour at least.

Include movement
It is only natural that after you get off that plane all you want to do is curl up in bed. Do not engage in heavy exercises, but it is recommended that you at least take a casual stroll to stretch your tensed muscles.

Take a warm bath
Before you jump in to bed and sleep your weariness away, take a hot water shower. It will help you relax and you will sleep better.

Jet lag affects the appetite, thus it is normal to find food unappealing at this time. However do not completely stay away from food instead consume fruits such as grapes, watermelon and papaya at meal times.

Warm beverage
If you aren’t feeling too dehydrated we recommend a soothing cup of milk tea. For an added pick me up – make the tea a little strong. But do stay away from coffee as it might affect your sleep.