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Life Skills that are Important but Never Taught

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We learn a multitude of valuable skills in both school and university. However, there are quite a few necessary skills that aren’t included in our academic curriculum. Some of these not only help us move forward in life but also ensure healthy and happy living. Listed below are a few of these life lessons that you probably weren’t taught in the classroom but are nevertheless important.

– Putting yourself first

Society often encourages us to be selfless and put the welfare of others before ours. While this is an admirable trait, it is crucial that we also put ourselves first now and then. Making time for self-care and self-love not only ensures that you lead a healthy and complete life but also allows you to concentrate better on being a worthy citizen.

– Asking for help

Throughout our life we are encouraged to strive towards independence and self-sufficiency. However, this practise can soon become detrimental if it prevents us from asking for support when we require it. It can create a strain on your mental health and well-being. Reaching out to your loved ones, family, friends and colleagues can help you maintain a balanced life.

– Handling money

Although academic curriculum covers accounting, finance and business, it fails to focus on personal finance, investing or personal budgets. Young adults often have no clue when it comes to managing their personal finances and getting out of debts. Financial stability is an important factor that contributes to one’s wellbeing so this is one skill that’s definitely worth being taught.

– Saying no

We often feel forced to say yes even when it’s something we’d rather not do. And on the off chance that we do say no, we often feel guilty and question our decision. As important as it is to say yes to opportunities, the key to healthy living is being able to prioritise and say no to the things that don’t feel right.

– Giving up

It’s no secret that society reveres perseverance. So we are often pressurised into struggling towards goals that may not yield any positive results. This kind of stubborn perusal of unfruitful paths can only lead to misery and unhappiness. Hence, knowing when to give up is a healthy trait.

Embracing these skills can help you lead a more fulfilling and healthy lifestyle.