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What do your looks say about your health?

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Those of us born and bred in Sri Lanka are blessed with strong complexions. And we all know that good health = good looks. While it is not necessary to look perfect all the time, it is however important to check slights that occur more than often.

Swollen feet

Shoes too snug? Many conditions, including sprains, strains, injuries, and infections, can cause feet and ankles to balloon. Swelling in the legs, ankles, and feet is a classic symptom of this condition.

Tired eyes

If you’re not having late nights and you have eye bags it might be helpful to get it checked. Eye bags and puffiness are caused by fluid build-up in the thin, loose skin that sits below your bottom eyelid. Lots of things—from allergies to crying jags—can cause fluid to accumulate there, but one of the main culprits is eating too much salt. High-sodium foods promote water retention throughout the body, and the sensitive under-eye area is no exception.

Dry Skin

Everyone experiences dry skin from time to time. Usually it’s a minor nuisance caused by cold December air or overly hot showers, but in some cases parched, brittle skin is a sign of dehydration or serious health problems. Hypothyroidism and diabetes can both leach moisture from the skin, for instance, as can nutrient deficiencies associated with a poor diet or eating disorders.


Although wrinkles are inevitable, they also may be a sign of osteoporosis. Is your furrowed brow and grooved mouth ratting out your bones? Surprising new research reveals an association between wrinkles and bone health in early-menopausal women. The worse the wrinkling, the greater the risk of lower bone density. Most wrinkles are the result of aging, but excessive exposure to cigarette smoke or the sun can speed the process.

Cracked lips

Your lips can say a lot about your health. Severely cracked, dry lips may be a reaction to medication, or a symptom of allergy, infection, or other conditions. Cracking at the corners of the mouth may be a symptom of Sjögren’s (pronounced SHOW-grens) syndrome, an immune system disorder. Sjögren’s causes dry eyes and dry mouth, as well as joint pain and dry skin.