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4 Things To Think About When Popping Your Pills

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We all swallow some bitter pills, at some point in our lives. While some doctors will take the time to tell you exactly how you need to take your meds, some will merely give you written ingestion instructions with your folders of pills. Read on to find out the best practice when it comes to taking medication, so that your body gets healthy and stays that way:

  1. When your instructions tell you to take medication before meals, it doesn’t mean you need take them just before you eat. Ideally take your meds at least half an hour before you eat for best results. The effects of some medicine could be lost if you don’t do this right.
  2. Sometimes you are asked to take certain medications after meals due to the fact that those specifics meds could irritate your stomach causing gastritis for instance. Ideally ensure that you take these pills within ten minutes of completing your meal for best results.
  3. Don’t ever stop taking the medication just because you feel better because it’s only a sign that the illness or infection have just begun to ease. If you are given a 3 week course of medication always finish the entire course in order to ensure that what is ailing you has completely left your system and avoid relapse.
  4. Some medicines tend to also remove nutrients from your system and it is advised to take vitamin supplements along with your course of medication. Ensure that you take these during the day, after meals to keep your body healthy as it gets better.

Stay healthy this Christmas!