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5 Habits that Lead to Belly Fat

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Do people tell you that you have a lovely figure “except for your stomach?” Puffy stomachs are a nuisance and it is quite difficult to lose fat around the waist region. These are some unhealthy habits you might be engaging in that might be contributing to your pot belly.

Too Much Sugar
Sugar is found in many of the foods that you eat daily. From breakfast cereals, to coffee drinks, to protein bars, to energy drinks, more items in your daily diet contain sugar than you’re aware of. All of these sugar calories add up quickly and translate into many pounds gained.

Make it a habit to read the ingredients and the sugar count in the foods you are eating. Pay special attention to breakfast items, yogurts, protein bars and any item that is packaged. Avoid eating foods that contain added sugars as a part of your daily diet.

Daily Dessert
There used to be a time and place when desserts were reserved for Sundays and special occasions. Not anymore! These days dessert has become a daily occurrence. Much like the first belly fat habit, having dessert is another form of having too much sugar and all those sugar calories rapidly turn to fat.
Save desserts for special occasions, and stick with fresh fruit as your daily after-meal sweet.

Unhealthy Snacking
In recent years snacking has been named one of the best ways to maintain your metabolism. In order to burn fat all day long, there is some truth to eating small, high protein-high fiber meals frequently but for the most part all of this snacking has done nothing better than make us fatter.

Most snack items are crunchy and salty, two qualities that you’ll rarely find in a healthy snack. They also contain loads of simple carbohydrates and sugar. In order to avoid belly fat you’re better off avoiding all traditional snack foods and quit the habit of ‘snacking’ entirely. If you’re hungry between meals then eat a small amount of protein and fiber, such as a hard boiled egg with cucumber, or a packet of tuna with celery.

Daily Alcohol
Having a drink with dinner can quickly become a fast and steady unhealthy habit. All those alcohol calories are basically sugar and all that sugar is going straight to your belly. It’s nearly impossible to lose fat on a day when you’re drinking alcohol. Alcohol = fat storage mode. Once you’ve allocated alcohol to cheat days and special occasions, you’ll lose fat quicker and easier than ever before.

Lack of Exercise
This one is kind of a no-brainer, right? If you aren’t moving your body in a consistent, challenging way then you’re going to store body fat, plain and simple. An effective, sustainable and invigorating exercise routine is the ticket you need to dump that fat for good.