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5 more simple workout tips

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Here’s another 5 tips we put together just for you.

·      Put the phone down. Stop checking your emails and stop refreshing your Facebook newsfeed. Focus on your workout and focus on toning up. Your smartphone can wait.

·      Change it up. Don’t stick to the same exercise everyday, as your body will get used to the stress level and will not find your work out as challenging as it should. For example, focus on cardio one day, and your abs the next.

·      It is okay to slip up. Having that off day and treating your self to a cookie- or a jar full is okay. The times that you do scarf down whatever is in sight, don’t feel guilty- just remember the 80/20 plan which allows for 80% of your year to be eating well and exercising and the other 20% for letting go a little during holiday season and those nights out.

·      Don’t give up your rest day. Muscle builds during the days that you take off.  On your off days, you will find that you often come back to your exercise regime stronger and more confident compared to your previous workout. Give yourself some recovery time.

·      Eat after your workout. If you are looking to zone in on that weight loss, exercise before you eat. If you find yourself getting nauseous or weak during your workout, eat a light snack of yoghurt or fruits before lacing up your shoes.