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5 Tips to Lose It

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1) Set a goal. It is easy to say that you want to be skinny or lose some weight, but quantifying what you want will make your goal a lot more realistic and a lot more achievable. 

2) Avoid cheat days for a while. It is difficult to get back to controlling your diet when you spend one day eating what you want. Your unhealthy cheat day diet will probably follow you around for a bit, so its probably best to steer clear of them until you have settled yourself in your new lifestyle. 

3) Carry something around with you wherever you go. When those pangs of hunger hit, you don’t want to keep them around too long. Feeling hungry for a while will increase the temptation for bad, greasy food. Stop yourself before it gets to that point. 

4) Replace “I cant have that” with “I don’t want that”. Every time you see something that you want to put in your stomach, tell yourself that you dont want it. Chances are, 10 minutes after you have eaten it, you are going to feel guilty. Give yourself power and walk away. 

5) Stop worrying about what you look like at the gym. You are there to lose weight. That is all that matters. Slip into what makes you comfortable, high maintenance is not an issue at the gym.