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A Balanced Diet for Men

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Men looking for nutrition and balanced diet related advice need to understand that men and women have different nutritional requirements. Nutritionists have offered some tips for those looking to eat a ‘balanced diet’.

Dieticians recommend adding protein to your breakfast to help promote muscle recovery and repair. With a great balance of protein and fat, lean ham and salmon also make some good options. A protein-rich diet also ensures that you stay fuller longer thereby, decreasing the number of calories you consume later in the day. Incorporating these items in your diet also does not take up much time so you can enjoy some smoked salmon or scrambled eggs without having to wake up extra early.

The idea is to eat little but often so choose some low fuss-high energy snacks like peanut butter and banana on crackers. For lunch opt in for some carb-rich food to keep you sustained throughout the day – sandwiches made of whole-grains like rye, wholewheat and barley are the best choice. Top it up with some lean beef, pork, salmon, chicken and salad or baked beans.

Keep away the mid-afternoon munchies with some spiced nuts, seeds, savoury popcorn or low-fat cream cheese on crackers.

For dinner, go color crazy!  Fill your plate with a variety of vegetables, some meat and brown rice/quinoa or whole meal pasta.