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The Bikini Workout

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It’s that time of year to take your bikinis out of the closet and see if they still fit because everyone’s hitting the beach. Chances are, we’re after many festivals and family get-togethers that make us a wee bit bulkier on the edges. Here are a few surefire workout ideas to help you get back into your favoutite string bikini or swimsuit in no time:

1. Highlight you negatives
It’s something we forget to do because we’re busy accentuating our positives. Your positive side is accentuated naturally, so it’s your negatives you need to focus on working out. For instance, if you have a better upper body, focus on working you lower body to balance things out and vice versa.

2. Hydrate Often
You want to be drinking plenty of water when you’re working out – it hydrates your skin and keeps it buoyant during the changes in your body while you workout. You don’t want to have stretched or dull skin so keep drinking down than H2o as often as you can.

3. Get up, Stand up!
Working out isn’t the only way to burn calories – standing upright on the other hand, does. What’s more, keeping your chin up and shoulders pulled back enhances your height, which helps create the illusion of being leaner. To practice good posture, imagine that there’s a string connected to the top of your head. As you sit, stand, and walk around, let this string pull you upward while your shoulders remain relaxed.