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Want To Get First Aid Training in Sri Lanka?

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If you have made the decision to train in first aid, it is definitely the right one. You will be better equipped to help out in the chance an accident occurs – as they are prone to occur quite often, the chances of someone surviving increases when they receive help at the scene and it also builds up your confidence when it comes to dealing with disasters. For those who remain unconvinced, just think about this:  one day, you may be in a position to help someone out who needs it. You may not have an obligation to help, but doing so will empower you and will also change someone else life.

In Sri Lanka, there are a few places that you can learn First Aid. They are listed below.

Red Cross, Sri Lanka offers both commercial first aid training and first aid training for volunteers. What you get from the training as well as how many hours the training requires and how much you spend depends on what type of training you decide to take up. You can undergo junior training, basic training, advanced training or instruction training. Click here to find out more or call (94) 11 2691095.

Falck also offer first aid courses for children, parents, families and workplace staff. Click here to find out more or call +94 11 739 2890.