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Why You Need More Pandan In Your Life

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Pandan leaves come from a tropical plant and is used quite liberally in Spitheast Asian cooking. They lend a brilliant green colour to what you are cooking. However, the benefits of Pandan leaves come from more than just the splash of colour in your food. It also has a number of health benefits. Read on to find out more.

  1. Want pain relief? Pandan leaves do just that, and reduce fever too. They tend to reduce headaches along with ear and chest pain and also reduce the pain felt from cramps.


  2. Pandan leaves are also a natural laxative for children. Particularly helpful when they need to get something out of their system.


  3. Crushing pandan leaves into a powder and rubbing on the scalp, is said to provide relief from dandruff.


  4. The green leaves are also known to be effective in soothing skin that are leprosy or smallpox ridden.


  5. The leaves are anti-carcinogenic and are believed to benefits consumers who have diabetes.


  6. For those new mothers, pandan leaves are known to help you on your way to a speedy recovery, especially when you feel a little weak.

Want to get more Pandan into your life? Brew with your tea or chew the roots of the plant to bring about strong, healthy gums. You can also mix with your bath water to have brighter skin or apply crushed roots to any wounds that you have.